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Death is in love with us [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Jun 2006|03:34pm]
[ mood | whoooo chickens! ]


Much Love, Stephany

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[19 Jan 2006|04:43pm]
Opinions please!Collapse )
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[18 Jan 2006|04:14pm]
New semester means...... NEW CLASSES

lmao yea sorry bout that

1st hour World Cultures Mr. Olive! (ha his last name is olive!)
2nd hour individual sports Ms. Norton (I heard shes mean but you gotta get on her good side)

All the rest of my classes are the same but to refresh your memories!

3rd hour Literature 9 Ms. Garcia (shes a bitch!)
4th hour Science 9 Mr. Kovatch (He's not doing to good right now)
5th hour Unified Math Mr. Heegaard ( no matter who the teacher is math still sucks!)
6th hour Mixed Chorus Mrs. Fritz (IM A CHOIR NERD BITCHES!)

So yea I have no classes with Jeremy, Ian, Debbie, or Leah :( saddness!

Well yea thas it yo so peace out!
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[16 Jan 2006|10:29am]
[ mood | GRRRRRRRRRR ]

What is up homie dawg bitches!

Last week I had finals at skool they sucked balls beyond belief!
Although Friday was the best of the days cause it was gym finals in which I finished in like 10 minutes after everyone was done with finals I just kinda sat there. Ian was sitting in a rolly chair in which he was rolling all across the gym I told him he was weird n stuff. He showed me his MP3 player and I showed him my phone. Later on Jeremy came into the gym so I was like yay! we all sat there being stupid Ian and Jeremy went through my purse I could really care less there's nothing in there that they would want! I took a bunch of pictures n stuff. Jeremy took Ian's shoe and threw it down off the bleachers. Ian dumped out half my purse onto the bleachers.


Friday night! my bestest friend called me up forus to go to the movies so Samantha, Josh, and I went and saw The Ringer.Oh God I love that movie it was hilarious! I came home and talker to Jeremy on the computer for a while then went to sleep I slept til 11 the next morning.

Saturday! The whole familt gathered into the car and we went to Target, we shopped around there for a while then we went out to lunch at Ci Ci's pizza (good eatin'!) Later on that night my mommy and I watched a bunch of movies, we watched Days Of Thunder, Gone In 60 Seconds, Steele Magnolias, and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. My mommy and dad then went out for the night and I sat up on the computer for a few minutes then went to sleep.

Sunday! We all went to Farmer Jack and grocery shopped, I took pictures of flowers at the florist part of the store and I realized I've never had a valentine before no ones ever bought me flowers or chocolates or anything! O well I'll get used to it! Later on that night I went to the MONKEY JACKET SHOW! It was great! My friend Crystal went with me since Samantha was at band practice with Josh. O well I had fun anyways! after an awsome show I came home and watched Desperate Housewives with my Mom.

Now I'm sitting here yelling at my brother since he's an idiot and won't leave the cats alone!
I have to at 1:45 take my brother to go get his hair cut at Brenda's house

Well I'm gonna go steal back the TV from my brother now CYA BITCHES!

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[06 Jan 2006|11:02pm]

Quiz stolen from Samantha!Collapse )

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I got bored [04 Jan 2006|04:10pm]
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[01 Jan 2006|08:44pm]



hell yizzes Im gangsta!

Anyways I thought I was gonna spend new years by myself HELLS NAW

We had fun acting like ididot while watching Harry Potter,eating razzles,pop corn, and anything else we could find in my house! but we had so much fun it was great to ring in the new year with my best friends! We laughed our asses off cause we all were hyper like whoa!

but  yea one of the best nights of my life!



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[31 Dec 2005|01:40pm]
[ mood | I GOTTA STAY FLY! ]

Well this was a full week I guess

I dont remember the day of the week I was told that Corey passed away but yea so Ill just put it up here
Monday dunno

Tuesday dunno

Wednesday I spent the night at my bestest friends house! it was so much fun!We played DDR!

Thursday Sam and I spent the whole day going back and forth from the bathroom to do hair and makeup to the living room to play DDR! We later on went to the mall we went to Marshall fields to try on very expensive dresses that we could totally not afford Only one dress fit me and I looked horrible in it! Sam couldnt fit in any casue her boobs are too big! haha bitch now you know how I feel! :) I bought a new hoodie and then we went to Cabrini for the...PUFFKINS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! It was a great "show" we all froze to death but it was great!

We went back to Sam's house for dinner we had chicken, french fries, and poppers! you have to be a gangsta to know what those are! : P

Then my mommy came and got me!

Friday I woke up at 10 I went to Corey's funeral it was a wonderful ceremony After the funeral we went to a buffet called Sveden buffet I was like WTF?  so yea Amber D and I bonded I came home and hung out with Jenna I ended up staying the night at her house and it was pretty fun being an idiot with her : P

Today Im doing nothing my mom and dad are fighting my mom and me are fighting and me and my dad are fighting wonderful chain reaction huh? I have no one to ring in the new year with so Im just gonna call Sam to say happy new year I might ask my mom if Jenna can come over. Well I think thats it


R.I.P. Corey we'll never forget you

September 24,1970 - December 23,2005



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[25 Dec 2005|09:33am]

Merry Christmas sweethearts!

I hope all your Christmas wishes came true!

Mine sure did

Although my bladder woke me up at 7 to PEEEEE dammit!
Then my brother got up and we decided to unwrap presents

I got a CD player
HIM calendar
Strawberries and champagne stuff from Victorias secret
pajama pants
black shoes that are awsome
Nirvana CD

Last night at my Aunt and uncles house was my moms side of the families christmas shindig

My aunt and uncle got me a 40 dollar gift card to Hot Topic!

My papa got me a 25 dollar gift card to Hot Topic

My nana got me the hard cover HIM book with CD

My nana also got me and my brother The nightmare before christmas oogies revenge game for Ps2

We also went to the mall and I bought a necklace that says I *heart* whats-his face and a shirt that says I put the FUN in funeral I love it! 


I love ya peeps! Have fun!

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[23 Dec 2005|11:25pm]
[ mood | Damn I need a boyfriend ]

What up yo bitches!

Sorry I havent updated in a while Iv been lazy lately :)

Uhhhhhhhh not much has happened

The other night I had my choir concert and did really well!

Today was a sad but awsome sad because I wont get to see some peeps for like 2 weeks I think? I truly dont like breaks cause Im always stuck with watching my retarded brother so therefore its not a break its just like every weekend stuck watching him TORTURE! I really wanna see spammy!

Jenna and I went to the mall tonight neither of us had money so we basically had nothing better to do we were there from 8-10 lol it was great we saw 2 people we knew!

We tried on prom dresses for fun and I am poud to say I have slimmed out and look better in dresses now so WHOO uhhhhhhh

Yea I think thats it sorry peepshnizzles!

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[11 Dec 2005|05:34pm]
[ mood | HELL YES BITCH! ]

We went to the waynce county light thing in hines park and it was was rather amusing like it is every year

I cant really remember what happened this week lmao I have a bad memory!

Friday we had a snow day I didnt think we were gonna have one so I left my essay at school in my locker guess when its due!? MONDAY whoopty friken do Im dead beyond belief

I have to swim tomorrow for gym god damn do I hate swimming but I kinda go a hang on it so I might actually swim with the rest of the class instead of with the non swimmers, I know more about swimming then I thought I did :P

uhhhhhhh yea I think thats it


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[02 Dec 2005|10:50pm]
Well this week was rather dramatic but friken awsome bitches!

Monday! came back to school Deandre was suspended
-Joey got suspended

-dont remember I think I may have hung out with Jenna

-I think Amber came over...? cant quite remember the exact date but I know we had a ton of fun She had me laughing so hard that I had a headache
-Jenny and Tiffani got ISS

-I sat alone at lunch and was rather depressed
-Joey,Jeremy,Ian,Tiffani,and Jenny werent in school so I was unbelievably bored

Friday(today) was actually really awsome!
-I needed a poster board for science and Deandre bought me one in which I totally love him now!
-Joey came back!
-Jeremy and I walked to science like we would normally do if he were in school in which he was so I was thrilled!
-Although I still sat alone at lunch Joey every once in a while would come and sit with me.
-I took a math test in which I think I did well on
-Ian walked with me to my bus in which now he also is going to use my locker cause I dont want him walking home with just a hoodie(I sound like a mother!) But he's got a while to walk and I know how it is just by walking from the school to the bus!
-I went to my brothers Gaudior Night thing tonight, I got to see Quenton,Tim,and Felicia it was good to see them again!
-I dont know bout you but im tired!
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[29 Nov 2005|03:17pm]
[ mood | FUCK IT! ]

I got my report card!

1st hour-General P.E. A- Last marking period it was a B
2nd hour-Human Perspectives C+ Last marking period it was a C
3rd hour-Lit/Com 9 C Last marking period it was a D
4th hour-Science 9 B Last marking period it was a C
5th hour-Unified Math D- (Im not good at math) Last marking period it was a C+
6th hour- Mixed Chorus A Last marking period it was a A

Over all I have a GPA of 2.6667
used to be a 2.3333


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[27 Nov 2005|09:03pm]
[ mood | loved ]


Tiffani's party was so much fun I dont think I've laughed so much in my life although nothing can ever top how much Samantha and I laugh :) we rented how to deal, the notebook,and scary movie they were all very good movies although I've seen scary movie thousands of times and never realized it. We ate burger king and cake.

went grocery shopping
put up the christmas tree in which wasnt as bad as I thought it would be


yea Im in a rush I still have homework luv ya!

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[25 Nov 2005|04:24pm]
[ mood | moody ]

UpdatingCollapse )

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[22 Nov 2005|09:20pm]
[ mood | Man I hope Ian's not mad at me ]

Stolen from SamCollapse )

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[22 Nov 2005|02:42pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Ya'll gon make me lose my mind up in herr up in herr
Ya'll gon make me go all out up in herr up in herr
Ya'll gon make me act a fool up in herr up in herr
Ya'll gon make me lose my cool up in herr up in herr

Damn I'm hungry!

Last night Pookie and I went and got our hair cut and dyed we both look hawt!

Sorry my camera is'nt working so I can't take pictchas! :( awwwwwwwww sadness but hopefully Stephany is getting a new camera for christmas hmmmm I wonder *stares off into nothing acting like I'm smart!*

I was so happy today everyone loved my hair Jeremy absolutly loves it he kept telling me that it looked so good on me. And Brandi and Ashleigh kept playing with it and squeeling cause they think its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!


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[21 Nov 2005|05:26pm]
[ mood | wheeee bitches! ]

What it is yo whats up BITCH

I be sittin hurr wit jenna! aka the awsomeness



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[20 Nov 2005|04:26pm]
[ mood | mellow ]


Well then, this week at school was just like any other DRAMA! You dont want no drama no no no no drama! ha sorry

Friday in science class Joey and I were yelling at each other for somethin and he called me a whore and Deandre reached over and slapped him and said you will never talk to her like that again! I WAS LIKE OH MY GOD DEANDRE I LOVE YOU!! lmao then I told him that he had just earned my phone number lmao that was great. I could'nt find anyone to hang out with that night so I just sat at home alone :( first time i'v done that in ever but I kinda liked that I was able to do what ever the hell I wanted :p I think I talked to like 3 people on AIM Leah T. Jeremy and Ian but I only talked to Ian and Jeremy for a couple minutes. o well I watched a movie and then went to sleep.

Saturday during the day we went to the dollar store in which my awsome mommy bought me my favorite candy! HOT TAMMALES=LOVE BITCHES!
Later on we went up to Harppos to give the peeps from Hale Storm cookies that we made them. their tour manager gave me a free shirt and said I could work as their roadie when I'm 18 :) We stayed and watched sound check they were really good they are always happy to see us and we are always happy to see them! So we left and I went over Pookie's hoose! In which the lovely Annalise was also their we had fun :)

I was awaken at 7 by PJ and Drew but then I fell back asleep and Annalise and Sam woke me up. My mommy and dad came and got me we went to the grocery store and I seriously thought I was just gonna die right then and there in the middle of the deli isle I felt so sick. I came home took a shower did my science homework and ate pretzels and ranch mmmmmmmmmmm yummy
I still have Lit Co homework but I don't feel like doing it right now so I'm not going to :)

Well I think that was all of the highlights of th life of Stephany for now........cya darlings!

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[14 Nov 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Wow I have a really bad memory! O well ill try

uhhhhh thursday I did sumthin but I forgot :P

Friday I stayed the night at Shannon's house we watched tv n stuff it was fun

Saturday Shannon and I window shopped at the mall since basically our parents dropped us off to do nothing o well.

Later on Saturday I went to Jenna's birthday party it was more fun then I thought it was going to be, we watched house of wax in which was the most stupid movie i'v seen in my whole entire life we also watched the sisterhood of the traveling pants that movie was ok I guess.

Sunday I had to wake up at 9 cause I had to come home and take a shower and at 10 we had to go to breakfast with my Papa my mommy and I shared an omlette it was good :)
Later on we cleaned the whole house n stuff my mom and I put up our christmas lights early since its getting really cold and we are'nt going to want to do it in the cold


Today sucked!
My friend Amanda and her dad got into a fight and he came to our 1st hour screaming at her infront of the whole class, she started to cry and I tried to cheer her up, she kinda cheered up

I got mad at Joey and rammed him into my locker hurting his wrist really bad, then I regreted it since I dont exactly know why I did it he would'nt forgive me so there I was on the minstair case balling my eyes out and hateing myself I went back up to my 5th hour since I wrote a pass to the bathroom but was actually kinda skipping, anyways I walked back up and Emily was in the hallway and instantly I cried and she hugged me and asked what was wrong, she cheered me up a bit.In 6th hour Vanessa and I went for a walk around the school, she talked to me and cheered me up.
I came home from school and Joey called ME telling ME HE was sorry I was like WTF!? and he said he knows that hes been a true ass to me lately, so we fought about who was more sorry, I mean come on dude! He couldnt feel his arm for like 20 minutes! he told me if his girlfriend breaks up with him he'll go out with me again. I dont know do I just seem like the girl inbetween? the one that he goes for when he cant find a new girlfriend? Im not sure I'll figure it out soon...c ya!

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